It's a Wonderful KNIFE! (Split w/ The Japanese)

by Static Stamina

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    Static Stamina and The Japanese are BFFs (Band Friends Forever) and wanted to spend the holidays together on this sorta weird split for you. Lyrics and blurbs included below!
    Album art by Eli Dreyfus




We, the Statics, believe that Christmas is about everyone coming together to spend time with the people they love. To celebrate the holiday, we crammed a bunch of people (Jews?) in a room and recorded this raucous mess of a Christmas song. Singing together, we recalled the very first Christmas, when the three "candy kings" crammed a bunch of people in a mangier and recorded Jesus being born. We did our best to emulate this sound.
This song features big Static Fan-ima Micharri Charrise on gang vocals, along with horn-playing regular Sam Ebb. We also got a sweet guitar solo from non-guitar-player Aletta Brady on the build-up and chant.
We hope you enjoy our attempt to have some holiday fun. Happy Xmas!

The Japanese are a serious band that plays serious music about serious things. Thus, we believe that Christmas, like all other things, is a serious matter. So, unlike our "peers" in Static Stamina, who have chosen to defecate on the holiest of consumer holidays with their gang vocals and communal atmosphere, we in The Japanese have decided to launch an all out Hanukkah offensive, boldly striking back at our menorah-waving oppressors. Like our brothers Creed and Alter Bridge before us, we have staked our claim as legitimate musicians, taking back the holiday season with arms wide open. With that we give you our Christmas gift, an impassioned and prophetic take on a Christmas classic, "The Dreidel Song."


released December 25, 2010

Produced by Danny Sullivan




Static Stamina Connecticut

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Track Name: (It's a) Static Stamina Xmas
Stefan’s hanging xmas lights
Jacob’s riding his motor bike
we’re all doing things we like (like eating wads of cash!)
it’s a static stamina xmas

Danny has reindeer for feeding (Got them on sale!)
Nate just got a ticket for speeding (in his SLEIGH!)
We’re all going trick or treating (EVERYONE’S BLEEDING!)
it’s a static stamina xmas

static stamina xmas
scratic spamina xmas
static stamina xmas

Will picked out a christmas tree (it’s forty feet wide!)
Nicole’s feeding kids with Glee (the TV Show! eat it!)
Adrien got a knife! (commotion)
it’s a static stamina xmas

our horn section is going shopping (in the snow!)
Emma and Molly are dressed as elves they don’t even have to. they are elves
Hannah and Max are watching Pan’s Labrynth (Encantamos Espana!)
it’s a static stamina christmas

static stamina miss-criss
static stamina christmas
static stamina christmas

Every other winter holiday, we just think “What is this?”
The only holiday we like at all. Is static stamina xmas!

red and green. Candy Kings.
Flannel santa!

Soon we’ll all see santa claus (we’re all bleeding get some gauze)
so he can give the band applause (we are better rappers than nas!)
Got so many tragic flaws (Let’s go watch the wizard of oz!)
it’s a static stamina xmas tree